Employer HR Compliance Checklist

Essential must have’s for employing people in Australia. Many you can get free

You must provide your employees with:

  • Pay slips including hourly rate or salary,
  • year to-date,
  • leave available,
  • tax,
  • superannuation

You must be aware of these:

You must provide your employees with:

  • Pay slips including hourly rate or salary,
  • year to-date,
  • leave available,
  • tax,
  • superannuation

Important to have

  • A set of company policies and procedures, the following would be a minimum required
    • Performance management
    • Leave
    • Anti Bullying and Harrassment
    • Security
    • Code of conduct (also known as: how we like people to behave here)
    • Anti Discrimination
  • A work health and safety risk assessment
  • Insurance for workers such as workers compensation insurace

Complete Employment Law Compliance Checklist for employers

HR Checklist for employers

Even in the best of times businesses in Australia, find it difficult to be sure you’re complying with employment law. Under the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards know the law. Adding a Pandemic to the situation has made matters worse. There have been changes to the law. People are making false claims of bullying and stress. It’s getting difficult for employers to know what to do.

The role of HR professionals, business owners and managers has become more challenging. However, there is no excuse for non-compliance and the fair work ombudsman is ever more vigilant about checking businesses for compliance.

As a result, it is still necessary to check your businesses compliance with employment law. That’s why we created this employer HR checklist. This checklist is designed to help business leaders and HR professionals to protect their employees and avoid penalties. Grab your free copy today.


To make this checklist easy to use, it is broken down into sections with specific areas to address. The sections are:

  1. Understanding employment laws in Australia, what you need to know and where to go
  2. Return to work
  3. Working from home and Work health and Safety and each state or territory specific information
  4. Leave and payments
  5. Changing working arrangements
  6. When it cannot be avoided standing down employees or ending employment

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