“We can mediate and solve your Human Resources Management Problems without legal headaches and expenses, losing valuable team members or disrupting your productivity and culture”

Sonia King




Human Resources is more than recruitment.

It’s about keeping your team in a happy, rewarding, high performance culture, and driving profits in your business with engaged team members that feel heard and supported.

Do you find yourself, or your employees in conflict with you or each other?

You could benefit from our independent consulting to analyse the situation, find the cause and help you eliminate the problem to bring balance, harmony and productivity back.


Do you hire people and only keep them for a short time and each time the problem occurs again?

You could benefit from our recruitment service to objectively hire an employee who contributes adds value and sticks with your business.


Are you struggling to get the right performance measures in place for your business and individual team members?
We can help you set the right measures in place and truly understand what makes your business profitable and which team members are really contributing to profits.


Recruit your next star employee through our Recruitment Services.


Meet Sonia King

Our Director, Sonia King, explains some of the mediation and case studies she has been involved in at King Consulting Human Resources Management and Recruitment Consultants. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch.



Successful Counselling and Meditations


Happy Customers


Buiness Leaders Coached/Placed


Recruitments/People Placed in Employment

How are we different?

Our Services


Save your precious time and let us hire your next team member for you. We will hire based on your unique business and values to ensure we find the best fit to your culture and the existing team. Our expertise in the hiring (recruitment) industry spans over ten years, plus five in executive search.

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Outsourced Human Resources Management (HRM) Consulting

King Consulting are specialist Human Resources Management (HRM) Consultants with a focus on driving profits in business. Our approach is to work with you as a business partner and trusted adviser. By combining psychology, human resources management, management training, business development and employment law compliance, we have almost every angle of managing business in Australia covered.

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Mediation & Troubleshooting

If your business is having any issues with existing employee/s you can rely on our mediation services to resolve the matter amicably. We have a team of experts in related areas we can call on should the issue be outside our expertise.

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Hiring and Training

Would you like a training program to suit your employees and your business needs? If you do, we can provide it for you.

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Employee Management Resources

Free Employee Management and Employment Law Compliance Evaluation. With these employee management and employment law resources available to you, managing your team will be easier.
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What our clients say about us...

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A message to employers and employees dealing with Covid and its knock on effects. Here is a heartfelt message to both employers and employees dealing with Covid. It is my call for calm, perspective and balance while we get through this incredibly difficult time. Dealing with…

Hell, On Earth

The struggle is very real, as we all experience our own version of Hell, on Earth, during the current Pandemic and its knock-on effects. Every single one of us is struggling with something right now on top of the usual life challenges, mental/emotional turmoil, we have…

Covid19 Human Resources Management Actions

Covid19 Human Resources Management Actions Here are seven (7) Quick Human Resources Management Actions you can take right now, to deal with Covid19 and look after your business and employees. Quick Human Resources Management actions to take one: Look at each employee’s leave available to them including personal,…

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