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drive profits in business with the existing team in a happy, rewarding, high performance culture.

Let's Make Your Business Profitable and a Great Place to Work Culture!

About King Consulting Business Growth Human Resources Management Consultants:

King Consulting is a specialist Human Resources (HR) and management consultancy with a focus on delivering performance improvement utilizing the existing team to drive profits!

We use and show you how, to use human resources management, applied positive psychology and business analysis to improve business and team performance.

Founded in 2010 by me, Sonia King to help businesses improve and become great places to work.

“In 2010, I decided to start my own business, to help other businesses improve performance and profits with their team.

I believe in making the complex as simple and easy as possible. I have a vision that every business can be a great place to work, even for the owner.

I created a framework with a five step process for a business improvement strategy that can be implemented in any industry with employees and embraces the whole team in sharing the journey.

We have successfully implemented this strategy in multiple businesses of various industries and sizes.

The results speak for themselves with an average 15 to  20 % growth in profit.

Best of all we have happy, aligned teams all working together to achieve these results and our clients hug us!

It all starts with setting the right foundation by defining the desired culture which is aligned to business profitability

Our Mission: “To make every business profitable and be a great place to work!”

Our Framework and Five step strategy© for business profit & growth:

  1. Create the right Culture
  2. Align the Team to the Culture
  3. Manage by the Culture
  4. Hire Into Culture
  5. Continuously Improve

Case Study:

An Australian Industrial Products Supply Business!

"This client has some heavy international competition in the Australian market and yet, were agile and confident enough to make it their mission to compete head on. We started working with the owners and their team in May 2015 with our HR Consulting tools, starting with defining their culture and linking it to profit and by June 2015, they had their best month on record. In May 2016, they had grown their revenue 43% month on month for the year. This is their best year on record! We continue to work with this business in 2017, providing both HR and Management Consulting, they are now global and are looking at 20% profit!”

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Take the first step:

The first step is creating a framework by which the whole business behaves according to the vision, purpose, and values and what drives profits and growth.

We created a guide to walk you through setting your business vision, purpose and values and sharing it with your team. You can download the guide free and get started setting up your business culture.

Download the Free Culture Guide

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