Company Policies and Procedures


Company Policies and Procedures.

Get our HR manual. It is fully customisable to your business. It has every important company policy in it so your business and your team are protected from risks.

We call it the soup to nuts of company polices.

Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual Contents:
  1. Welcome
  2. Our company history
  3. Our organisation chart
  4. What we do
  5. Our clients
  6. Our mission, vision and values
  7. Your employment
  8. Business environment
  9. Code of Conduct
  10. Dress code
  11. IT, Internet, Mobile Phone, Email and Social Media
  12. Recruitment
  13. Induction
  14. Training and development
  15. Probation
  16. Work/Occupation Health and Safety
  17. Anti-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity (AD&EEO) including bullyin and harassment
  18. Timesheet, hours and invoice policy
  19. Pregnancy at work
  20. Flexible working arrangements
  21. Working from home, inlcuding work health and safety
  22. Global Disasters, Pandemics leave
  23. Leave
  24. Performance management
  25. Performance improvement
  26. Grievance compliants handling
  27. Conflict of interest
  28. Intellectual property and security
  29. Company property
  30. Environmental best practice
  31. Whistle-blower
  32. Signed declaration

Select from the above list or get the complete HR manual. with an up-to-date set of company policies and procedures.

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