Outsourced HR Consulting

When should we hire a human resources Consultant?

  • When you have employees and no HR person.
  • If you have no expert employment law resources available to you.
  • Global organisations with a head office located outside Australia.
  • Australian employment law is complex so having local expertise is important.
  • When you have more than 15 employees.
  • If you are merging businesses.
  • When you need a second opinion.

What are some ways we can support our team to deal with the Pandemic?


  • If you can, keep your employees in full time employment that is great
    But if you must adjust work hours make sure you consult your employees and keep them aware of the options.
  • The options you have depend on the type of business you are in and the skills and attitudes of your team
  • Take at the Fair Work Ombudsman’s site
  • It has details on the many options you have available under law during this crisis
  • You can negotiate with your employees to take paid or unpaid leave
  • Or work reduced hours
  • Other options are redeployment in another role
  • If their role can no longer be undertaken such as an on the road sales representative
  • You may be able to bring them in to office and have them undertake other duties while we remain in lock down
  • You can encourage your team to talk to you about their concerns
  • If you have some people working from home, make sure you conduct a work health and safety risk assessment
  • Invest in ergonomic furniture to prevent work health and safety risks
  • Ask your employees to show you how they have set up their work environment
  • Check for any safety hazards such as wires to trip over
  • At work, keep social distancing measures in place
  • Where masks and keep good hand hygiene
  • Have a working from home policy and procedure
  • Include work health and safety when working from home in your policy and procedures
  • Allow time to get tests done
  • Encourage vaccination by giving time off to get it

How much does an external human resources consultant cost?

  • A better question is: How much do I risk if I get things wrong with my employees
  • The answer to your question is, it depends on what you need, your budget, your business and your team. Do you only need a short-term project completed or ongoing support?
  • HR Consulting as a managed service provides on going external HR Consulting to you and your business
  • Most HR consultants will work out a package based on your needs
  • HR Consultant fees vary from $165 per hour to $350 per hour
  • It depends on the skills, abilities, qualification and type of work required
  • A small business can expect to pay a retainer fee of aprox. $1,000 plus per month for a full HR Service
  • It can improves employee engagement

Can I fire an employee for underperformance

  • The simple answer is no
  • You need to follow a procedure and be fair
  • A better question would be how do I get everyone on my team performing at their best
  • Talk to us about any issue with underperformance
  • We’ll walk you through the correct procedure to manage underperformance


How is your recruitment different to a recruitment agent?

  • We calculate a fixed project fee for hiring. Our fee is for time and materials. From the initial consultation, to writing the job ad. Then interviewing, short listing, reference checks and offer
  • You can buy your terms and conditions of employment agreements from us
  • We go to market and look for the best fit for the role and your business
  • Recruitment agents look within their database
  • They also look within other businesses for candidates with matching skills if they are head hunters and charge a higher fee for this service, we prefer not to do that as a moral principal
  • Recruitment agents charge a percentage of the employees salary
  • They don’t look at candidates that are the best fit, rather, they look at the best fee
  • Recruitment agents provide a guarantee for the first 3 months
  • We’ll do our best not to need a guarantee and charge lower fees accordingly
  • Instead we work with you to resolve any issues
  • They’re driven by commission
  • We’re driven by finding you the best fit

Do you do background checks?

  • Yes we conduct reference checks
  • When required we can also conduct police and working with children checks
  • We’ll also look at LinkedIn and Facebook profiles
  • We’re as thorough as we are legally allowed to be on our checks


Can you help with Apprentices and Government Grants

  • Yes we can
  • We have experience with setting up apprenticeships
  • There are various government grants available
  • Let us help you find your next employee through the various mechanisms available


Review and Mediation

What is review and mediation

  • Review is an impartial review of a situation in the workplace
  • Mediation is an opportunity to resolve conflict in the workplace
  • The process is impartial and offers everyone an opportunity to air their grievances

  • Removes the stress and emotion out of workplace conflict

Why undertake a review and mediation process?

  • Avoid time consuming, stressful court action, and expensive fines
  • To protect your business from unfair dismissal claims. And fines, Fair Work claims, and legal battles
  • Get clarity about what is the issue 
  • Resolve conflicts and improve morale

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