Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about King Consulting HR Consultant

Have a question about our Human Resources Management Consulting Services? Please see below some of the frequently asked questions we have experienced?

When should we have a human resources consultant?

If you have a team of employees and you do not have a human resources advisor in your team, engaging the services of an external provider is a great option.

You can use them as little or as much as you need. At the very least you can make sure your business practices with your employees are compliant with Fair Work Australia and the National Employment Standards.

The fines and time in mediation for getting it wrong with your employees are not worth the risk, so it pays to get it right in the beginning, so hiring a human resources consultant could save you thousands.

If you have a global business with a head office outside Australia you need to know that employment law in Australia, is very complex under the Fair Work Act, so having a local representative to support your business is important.

What can I do to support my employees while we deal with the effects of the global pandemic caused by Covid19?

There is a lot you can do to support yourself and your employees to cope with the situation we are facing with Covid19. Remain positive and resilient, we need to get to the other side of this situation and feel good about our actions. Make sure you treat your employees fairly and with compassion at this difficult time. If you can, keep your employees in full time employment that is great, however, if you must make some adjustments make sure you consult your employees and keep them aware of the options. The options you have depend on the type of business you are in and the skills and attitudes of your team. Take a good look at the Fair Work Ombudsman’s site it has details on the many options you have available under law during this crisis. You can negotiate with your employees to take paid or unpaid leave, to work reduced hours, to be redeployed in another role which allows them to remain employed if their role can no longer be undertaken such as an on the road sales representative. You may be able to bring them in to head office and have them undertake other duties while we remain in lock down. You can encourage your team to talk to you about their concerns. If you have some people working from home invest in ergonomic furniture to prevent work health and safety risks. Ask them to show you how they have set up their work environment and check for any safety hazards such as wires to trip over or poor sitting positions, suggest changes and check again in a week.

How much does a human resources consultant cost?

A better question is do I risk if I get things wrong with my employees? However, the answer to your question is it depends, on whether you need a short-term project completed, or ongoing support. Most human resources consultants will work out a package based on your needs, budget and what is involved. A rough range of fees to consider are from $165 per hour to $350 per hour depending on the skills, abilities, qualifications, and type of work the consultant can undertake on your behalf. A small business can expect to pay a retainer fee of $1250 per month and up again depending on the type of work, skills, abilities and qualifications of the consultant and what both parties agree to be the services offered in the retainer. The focus, personalities, skills, qualifications, reputation, and abilities of each consultant can vary quite considerably so it pays to shop around to find the best fit to you and your business. The other thing to keep in mind is having a human resources consultant involved in your business can really enhance your profits, employee engagement and reduce your risks with employment law and work health and safety.

Can you help me with the hiring process?

Yes, indeed we can. We can complete the whole hiring/recruitment process for you from writing the add and placing it to screening and short listing to interviewing to negotiating the package to the start date and ongoing check ins. Alternatively, we can assist you at any step in the process it depends on your time and budget available.

I am concerned that one of my employees is under-performing in their job can I fire them?

A better question would be how do I get everyone on my team performing at their best? We can assist you to improve individual and team performance and make sure you comply with the law while doing so, as well as make your business more profitable.

Is it necessary to have company policies and procedures and which ones must we have?

Company policies and procedures are necessary to protect your business and your employees if something goes wrong in the future. At a minimum you should have an anti-bullying and discrimination policy, an equal rights and opportunity policy, performance and misconduct policy, a company code of conduct (the way we operate here), these are all important documents to refer to when disciplining any employee, you can refer to the company policy about the way you expect your employees to behave as long as you can demonstrate that you have made them aware of the policy and followed your own procedures. Yes, we can provide them for you, in fact, we have a complete HR Manual which has every policy and procedure for your business up to date as at 2020 including your businesses available responses and options for dealing with Covid19 and other disasters.

What do I need to provide employees to comply with the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards?

Every employee needs to be provided with a pay slip which details their remuneration, leave balance personal and annual, tax, superannuation. A copy of the Fair Work Information Statement, an employment agreement with the terms and conditions of employment, access to the company policies and procedures.

How can I get the best out of my employees?

Engage your employees by building trust, listening to their ideas, and recognising their efforts. Let them know they are valued and important and make sure to provide feedback as well as listen to them. Read this article to learn more about employee engagement.

Got a different question?

If you have a different question it costs you nothing to get in touch and ask us so please feel free to contact us.