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We engaged King HR Consultants early 2023 to help with our team of employees. We met with Sonia, the founder and were impressed with how down to earth, kind, and friendly she was. We have a diverse team from administrative people to truck drivers, transport workers and landscape yard people. So, it was important that the people we engaged could relate to anyone. Sonia was not afraid to get her hands dirty, would arrive in steal cap boots and could speak the right language to anyone to engage them.

Cheryl and Steve Read

Owners and Directors, SJ Read Earthworks & Haulage

“Sonia helped us identify and resolve a workplace issue. She displayed professionalism and thoroughness while maintaining a personal approach”

Bob Allen

General Manager, Major Infrastructure Business, Sydney

” I recommend Sonia and her business King HR Consultants to any business. Especially if you’re looking to grow. From the initial HR audit process, they showed us how to install HR best practice. Then they helped us streamline our staff engagement. They installed our HR manual with all company policies and procedures. Ensuring we have evidence that we’re complying with all regulations. Such as the Fair Work Act, Government regulations and Safe Work Australia. Provided all our team with terms and conditions of employment agreements. We now have an engaged team who help us drive profits in our business. For which they receive performance bonuses. King HR Consultants have helped establish us as a market leader. And been integral to achieving our profit targets each year since”

Jim Roustas

Managing Director, Huck Aerobolt

“I recommend Sonia and King HR Consultants to both employers and employees as a consultant who truly has everyone’s best interests at heart.”

Chris Kyriacou

Technical Customer Service and IT support, Huck Aerobolt

“I have worked with Sonia on several roles and have found her to be very thorough, personable and professional in the way she has helped me to find the right roles and represented me to various clients. She always goes the extra yard and I value her counsel and expertise highly.
I would recommend her without hesitation to any potential candidate and/or employer.”

Bill Rooke

Senior Manager, Westpac Banking Corporation

Fabulous service by Sonia and she has been a big help! Fair Work policies and SCHADS Award use complex language and she helped us by researching for information and translating (simplifying the language) so we can understand. Thank you so much!

Tanya Tutty

Manager Support Coordinator, Deaf Butterfly Effect

“I highly recommend Sonia and her business King HR Consultants as a trusted advisor to any business wanting to increase performance and enhance their culture all while maintaining compliance with employment law.”

Ursula Hufnagl

Owner, Chic Model Management

“After initially being engaged to provide a core HR function for the start-up, Sonia played a significant role in building a rapidly expanding workforce, developing a high-performance culture, and maintaining high levels of engagement in the dynamic business environment.”

Will Buckley

Accountant, BrandsExclusive

“Sonia is well versed & understands the complexity of the NES. She simplifies & conveys the important pieces of this legislation in a simple to understand way.

Thanks Sonia. I will be using these in the future.”

Ross Bunn

Senior Business Development Manager, GS Building NSW

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