King Consulting HR Consultant Happy Customers




Bob Allen, General Manager, Infrastructure Business

“Sonia helped us identify and resolve a workplace issue. She displayed professionalism and thoroughness while maintaining a personal approach”

Ursula Hufnagl, Owner, Modelling and Celebrity Management Agency, Chic Model Management

“I highly recommend Sonia and her business King Consulting HR as a trusted advisor to any business wanting to increase performance and enhance their culture all while maintaining compliance with employment law.”


Chris Kyriacou, Information Technology and Customer Service, Aerobolt

“I recommend Sonia and King Consulting HR&R to both employers and employees as a consultant who truly has everyone’s best interests at heart.”

Freddy Williams, Warehouse Dispatch and Customer Service, Aerobolt

“By the far the best recruiter I have come across. I am very grateful for everything she has done.”

Christian Charousaei, Business Development and Sales Representative, Grey Matter Solutions

“Great HR consultants, have the best interest of both employers and employees in mind! Highly recommended for any organisation”

Australia Employment Law

Ross Bunn, Senior Business Development Manager, Construction and Industrial

“Sonia is well versed & understands the complexity of the NES. She simplifies & conveys the important pieces of this legislation in a simple to understand way.

Thanks Sonia. I will be using these in the future.”

Outsourced HR Consultant

Jim Roustas, Managing Director, Aerobolt

”Highly recommend Sonia and her business King Consulting HR to any business looking to grow and establish them as a market leader. They have been integral to our achieving our profit targets each year, since engaging King Consulting”

Daniel Pomering, Sales Representative, Aerobolt

“King Consulting have been a pleasure to work with, they bring tremendous expertise and knowledge which created significant value to our organisation. They gave us effective targets to improve our business and are always there for assistance. I highly recommend King Consulting.”

Will Buckley, Accountant, Finance Department, Brands Exclusive

“After initially being engaged to provide a core HR function for the start-up, Sonia played a significant role in building a rapidly expanding workforce, developing a high-performance culture, and maintaining high levels of engagement in the dynamic business environment.”

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