Have a workplace issue? Need a review of the situation?

We’re here to help. We can review the situation. Then facilitate to resolve it. Contact us to discuss how we can help influence a positive resolution to achieve your business goals.


We’re experienced, professional, and friendly. Let’s help you resolve any workplace issues

Reviewing and troubleshooting employee issues is challenging and worrying for business owners. Contact us to help resolve any employee issues. We’re experienced, qualified in psychology and human resources management. We have the expertise to resolve matters without the ongoing cost of legal services. Influencing through positive leadership to achieve individual and business goals. Avoid courtroom dramas and legal battles contact us instead.

If you don’t do something or do the wrong thing, it could blow up in your face. Don’t dismiss it as a personality clash. Or read too much into it either and let your bias take over. You must know the details and deal only in facts. Not feelings, or assume you know what another person is thinking or feeling.

Here’s some of the workplace isues we’ve helped resolve with review and facilitated dispute resolution

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