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Mediation and troubleshooting employee issues is challenging and worrying for business owners. Contact us to help resolve any employee issues. Experienced, qualified in psychology and human resources management. We have the expertise to resolve matters without the ongoing cost of legal services. Avoid courtroom dramas and legal battles contact us instead.



If you don’t do something or do the wrong thing, it could blow up in your face. Don’t dismiss it as a personality clash. Or read too much into it either and let your bias take over. You must know the details and deal only in facts. Not feelings, or assume you know what another person is thinking or feeling.


Many situations with workplace conflict can turn into a legal battle fast. So, you as the owner or manager of the business need to act. The actions you take need to be right for the situation.


It’s important to resolve employee issues before they become much bigger problems. This will save your business from a Fair Work matter. Or worse, a great employee leaving out of frustration.


Trying to solve employee issues alone can be problematic. Everyone needs to get an unbiased view of  a situation. That’s why we have marriage counsellors. Although you might try to resolve any personal health issue on your own, sometimes it is best to go to a doctor, right? Well, it’s the same when it comes to workplace issues. Sometimes it’s best to get independent and unbiased support from a professional.



Here are some of the cases we have been involved with to mediate and resolve

Case study 1.  Mediation troubleshooting employee issues on the potential loss of key personnel. An important member of the team saved from leaving


A valuable member of one of our customers received an offer with more money to work elsewhere. The customer had committed a lot of funds to other growth avenues for the business at the time. So, meeting the package offered immediately, would have been too much.

We mediated with the employee and the Directors to find a balance. That would please both parties and keep the employee. In two weeks, we reached a conclusion We did this in two weeks of negotiation. And the employee has committed to stay. Within a few months the offer package was meet plus more.

He is very happy and so are the Directors of the business. He is still with the customer today.



Case study 2. Resolving Employee Bullying


A celebrity management customer had a difficult situation within one of their teams. A Department Manager and a key talent manager were not getting along. And it was disruptive to the whole team.


We mediated between the parties in the situation to resolve the conflict. We brought the situation under control within two weeks. And the team were back on track and performing at well again.


This was a very interesting case. It required a deeper understanding of human behaviour. To understand what was going on. And identify issues that were going on.


It was not a simple personality clash. The Director and General Manager thought it was. But it was not. By investigating the situation in an in-depth way. We uncovered the real issue. It was with the senior manager. She was a bully. There were some psychological issues with her.


During our review and with the General Manager making enquiries with customers. And other stakeholders. It was clear that the Senior Manager had been bullying a lot of people. Including customers and suppliers. She had to go from the business. Due to the high-profile nature of this customer the exit strategy had to be perfect.


It was, and the business survived with their reputation intact.




Case study 3. Troubleshooting the cause of communication breakdown


The owner of a business and one of his key team members were butting heads over miscommunication. To the point the owner wanted the team member out of the business.


We mediated and resolved the conflict. A year later the owner rang us to thank us again for the intervention. His own words: “If I had not listened to you and brought you in to mediate, my business would have folded this year. That key manager helped us through a difficult systems migration process.”


Their communication is now much better with less misunderstanding.




Case study 4. Mediation and troubleshooting employee issues to find out the real cause of conflict. A case of Bullying from the top


A major infrastructure business had a problem between two people. What they thought was a personality clash. It was between a Chief Finance Officer and a senior administration manager. We reviewed the situation and discovered the issue.


We found that the Chief Finance Officer was a problem. 8 out of 9 employees had issues with him. Even the Board of Directors were nervous to call and speak to him. It was not an easy situation nor as straight forward as a personality clash.


This was a clear case of a person who needed to move on and find joy in life again. He did not want to have any mediation. He wanted everyone to apologise to him.  In his mind. it was their wrong doings. He had high standards and expectations. That is fine. It was how he went about demanding them.


In this case, mediation was not possible. He declined to take part and continued to deny that there was any issue with him. He exited the business. His replacement is a breath of fresh air in comparison.


Through the replacement person, it has become clear that the problem was with the role. The previous Chief Financial Officer who caused a lot of upset. Was not coping with the job. The new Chief Financial Officer found a lot of issues with the finances. That is most likely the reason he was being so difficult.



Some other examples of mediation troubleshooting employee issues are below:

  1. A disengaged team or team member
  2. Difficulties within the team and individuals not getting along
  3. Disharmony and disconnection of an employee/s
  4. Mental health and or disability affecting performance
  5. Bullying and harassment
  6. Dispute resolution
  7. Compliance with the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards
  8. Disciplining and or performance management of employee/s
  9. Independent reviews of situations
  10. Work Health and Safety
  11. Difficult but necessary conversations with employees and/or managers



Work with us to mediate your employee issues in your workplace

Employee issues in the workplace can be a huge time sap. They can also be very costly in legal expenses. So why not contact us to help resolve any employee issues. Experienced, qualified in psychology and human resources management. We have the expertise to resolve matters without the ongoing cost of legal services. Avoid courtroom dramas and legal battles contact us instead.





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 Employee issues are common in the workplace

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