Watch this 2-minute video to learn how to navigate the list of Industry Awards (Industrial Instruments) on the Fair Work Site.

This video provides a quick tutorial to navigate industry awards in Australia. We orientate you to the Fair Work Site and where to find the A-Z of Awards for your business industry. There are many awards for various industries. We will provide other tutorial navigating industry awards and other relevant employer related areas to assist you with compliance.

The Professional Employees Award covers many professionals such as scientific, medical, technical and accounting/audit. The employees may be covered in another award depending on what industry the work is being performed in.

The focus for this video is on the Professional Employees Award. However, other videos will navigate to other Industry Awards. Further, we started with the one most people have difficulty finding.

Navigate Industry Awards on the Fair Work website | Tutorial

Further videos will provide more information to help business owners to comply with employment law in Australia. Therefore, we welcome you to ask for a video on a related topic.

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