Navigating Employment Law Australia Vlog

Navigating Employment Law in Australia

Navigating Employment Law Australia Vlog

Navigating employment law in Australia is complicated.

We are Human Resources & Recruitment consultants and have put together a video series for business owners. If you employ people in Australia, you need to navigate complex employment law under Fair Work.

I will break down some of the complexity of Fair Work Australia throughout this series. 

Hi, I am Sonia King the founder. My background started with studying psychology at Sydney University. After working for over 20 years in business leading large teams, I founded King Consulting in 2010 to assist business owners to drive profits with their team.

I am a big fan of un complicating the complex by breaking it down into understandable chunks. This video series aims to do that for you about complying with employment law under Fair Work Australia.

We will start with some of the basic areas which are a cause of confusion and gradually build your knowledge.

In the Vlog we will cover topics such as:

  • The National Employment Standards and what it means to you as an employer
  • 10 minimum entitlements and what you need to know as an employer
  • Some of the big news cases of breaches to employment law and what it means for your business
  • Why some businesses are getting it wrong and hitting the news
  • Modern Awards and how to find the right ones for your employees and your business
  • Understand all the terms of Modern Awards how they apply to your employees, so you don’t risk underpayments
  • Maximum weekly hours plus reasonable over time what it really means
  • The effect the hours a person works has on the hourly rate you pay
  • Free services you can tap into to obtain advice
  • Navigate to various areas of government and their roles in employment law

The next video will be about the National Employment Standards and what they mean for your employees in your business. We welcome your feedback in the comments below. Let us know if there is a topic you would like covered. If you would like support with a human resources management issue please get in touch

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