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Running a business in Australia with the complexity of the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards can be full of headaches for business owners. That is where King Consulting with our specialist Human Resources Management (HRM) & Recruitment Consultants offer you peace of mind that your business is compliant.

About us and how we help you in your business:

Supporting businesses by providing human resources & recruitment consulting with a focus on driving profits with your team! Further, our recruitment services focus on your business needs rather than our placement fee.

Our Recruitment Consulting:

Save your precious time and let us hire your next team member for you. We will hire based on your business to ensure the best fit to your culture and the existing team. Our expertise in the recruitment industry spans over ten years, including five in executive search.

Our Human Resources Management Consulting:

The tools we use are from Human Resources Management (HRM), Applied positive psychology (APP) and Management Consulting. Consequently, this suite of skills and tools enables us to support your businesses to drive profits through your existing team rather than simply focusing on legal compliance or our placement fee!

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Our story:

Founded in 2010 by, Sonia King to help businesses comply with employment law, drive profits, improve and become great places to work.

Our vision and mission:

“In 2010, I saw a need for a business that can provide genuine human resources and recruitment support to businesses. The support envisaged, was to provide human resources management as well as recruitment services as a business partner. Rather than just one or the other which tend to focus on either legal compliance or placement fees for the agency. The focus for us is on your business and to drive profits. Further, there was a need for recruitment based on the need of the client, rather than on the recruitment agent. So, I decided to start my own business offering that support.

I believe in making the complex as simple and easy as possible and have a vision that every business can be a great place to work and drive profits to contribute to society.”

Our Qualifications:

Sonia is a Certified professional in human resources management by AHRI. She is degree qualified with a triple major in Psychology, English and Philosophy from the University of Sydney and a qualified trainer and assessor with a TAEASS502.

Our Experience:

Sonia has worked in a variety of businesses from small to Global Corporations for over 20 years in leadership positions. She has combined her human resources management, leadership and business development skills and training to drive profits in each of the businesses she has worked for and can now provide these skills to your business .

Further, she has worked in the recruitment industry and executive search for over five years. Consequently, enabling her to find great employees using a range of tried and tested hiring techniques.

Outsourced Human Resources Management



Driving Profits


General Staffing

We hire talent to help you maximise your business and drive profits. Imagine having your own in house Human Resources Management Expert Recruiting for your business! That is exactly what we offer you with our Recruitment Service!

Hire and Train

King Consulting can tailor a training program to suit your business needs. Take a look at our free resources under the blog page. We have some video tutorials and check lists, including our compliance audit diagnostic which you can request via our contact us page.

Valued Services

King Consulting provide many human resources management services such as: Compliance with the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards, Employment Agreements, Policies and Procedures, HR Manuals, Induction, Work Health and Safety, Outsourced Human Resources Management (HRM) Consulting, Recruitment, Driving Profits through the existing team, Training, Mediation and Troubleshooting, Conducting Investigations, Compliance Audits,

Outsourced Human Resources Management

King Consulting HR&R support your business by providing outsourced human resources management consulting with a focus on driving profits with the existing team! You can choose from a wide range of service offerings from ad hoc to full outsourced human resources management consulting. We look after everything your business and employees need to comply with Australian employment law and to ensure your business and the team are supported to drive profits and maintain a happy, productive business.


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Our clients typically work with us for many years. They either choose our Recruitment or Human Resources Management Consulting or a combination of both.

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