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King Consulting HR &R publish various articles and video content on human resources management, recruitment, and employment law under the Fair Work Act. Therefore, if you own, manage, or are thinking about starting a business in Australia this HRM Blog is a great place to start. Also, you can learn how to drive high performance and increase profits through your employees. Moreover, understand how to comply with employment law under the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards. 

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The struggle is very real, as we all experience our own version of Hell, on Earth, during the current Pandemic and its knock-on effects. Every single one of us is struggling with something right now on top of the usual life challenges, mental/emotional turmoil, we have...

Covid19 Human Resources Management Actions Here are seven (7) Quick Human Resources Management Actions you can take right now, to deal with Covid19 and look after your business and employees. Quick Human Resources Management actions to take one: Look at each employee’s leave available to them including personal,...

#Australia on Fire, donate, support, help, learn and change: #Australia on fire, we love Australia and urge everyone to give generously, during the current crisis of drought and bush-fires from hell. As we have all seen and heard everywhere, we look our country is in a...

Many in business find it difficult to comply with the Fair Work Act (FWA). The following are 10 ways to comply with FWA: 1. The first thing to comply with FWA is the National Employment Standards (NE. The 10 minimum entitlements of the National Employment Standards...

In this Vlog we look at The National Employment Standards (NES) and what you need to know as an employer in Australia. The National Employment Standards (NES) are the first item you need to look at for your employees’ minimum entitlements. There are 10 minimum entitlements. These...

In this video we show you how to Navigate the complexity of employment law in Australia.   As Consultants in Human Resources & Recruitment we have put together a video series for business owners on how to navigate employment law in Australia. Hi, I am Sonia King the...