Mediation & Troubleshooting Mediation and Troubleshooting Employee Issues:


Mediation and troubleshooting employee issues can be a very challenging and worrying time for business owners. You can contact us to discuss specific issues your business is experiencing in terms of any employee matters.





Mediating employee issues before they become much bigger problems can save a business from a Fair Work matter or worse a great employee leaving out of frustration. We have successfully mediated on several employee cases with our clients. Thereby saving them thousands of dollars in legal proceedings, lost productivity, or loss of valuable employees.


Case study 1.  Mediation on the potential loss of key personnel. An important member of the team saved from leaving:


One of our client’s key members of the team told his director that he had received an offer of employment with more money to work elsewhere. At the time, the client had just committed a lot of funds to other growth avenues for the business, so meeting the package offered to the employee immediately would have been too much.


We mediated with the employee and the Directors to find a balance that would satisfy both parties and retain the employee. We were able to reach a satisfactory conclusion within two weeks and the employee has committed to stay. He has subsequently been paid a matching package plus more and is very happy and so are the Directors of the business.


Case study 2. Mediation and Troubleshooting Team Conflict:


A celebrity management client had a difficult situation within one of their teams. A Department Manager and a key talent manager were not getting along, and it was disruptive to the whole team.


We mediated between the parties in the situation to resolve the conflict. We brought the situation under control within two weeks and the team were back on track and performing at optimum again.


This was a very interesting case which required a deeper understanding of human behaviour and issues that can affect a person’s performance.


In this instance, the Senior manager was, in fact, a bully and needed to be removed from the business very carefully for the sake of the business.


Case study 3. Mediation of Communication breakdown:


The owner of a business and one of his key team members were butting heads over miscommunication, to the point the owner wanted the team member out of the business.


We mediated and resolved the conflict to such end that a year later the owner rang us to personally thank us again for the intervention. His own words: “if I had not listened to you and brought you in to mediate, I think my business would have folded this year without that key manager being here to help us through a difficult systems migration process.”


Their communication is now much better with less misunderstanding.


Case study 4. Mediation to find out the real cause of conflict; which was Bullying from the top:


A major infrastructure business had what they thought was a personality clash between a Chief Finance Officer and a senior administration manager. We were asked to come and review the situation.


In the process of discovery, we found that the Chief Finance Officer was a problem to, 8 out of 9 employees and had even made the Board of Directors nervous to call and speak to him. It was not an easy situation nor as straight forward as a personality clash.


This was a clear case of a person who needed to move on and find joy in life again. He did not want to have any mediation, just for everyone to apologise to him for what in his mind was their wrong doings. It is important to note that, he was offered support and an opportunity to undertake mediation, but was adamant that he had no problems, it was everyone else.


Some other example issues we mediate and troubleshoot are below:

  1. A disengaged team or team member
  2. Difficulties within the team and individuals not getting along
  3. Disharmony and disconnection of an employee/s
  4. Mental health and or disability affecting performance
  5. Bullying and harassment
  6. Dispute resolution
  7. Compliance with the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards
  8. Disciplining and or performance management of employee/s
  9. Independent reviews of situations
  10. Work Health and Safety
  11. Difficult but necessary conversations with employees and/or managers


There are many other areas that could be impacting your business performance. One of the biggest time saps is managing employees and ensuring compliance with the law. Why not let us help you and save your time and money with a timely resolve to employee issues. Further, let us help you prevent a time consuming and expensive legal matter.


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