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King Consulting is a hybrid Business Consulting Company providing HR and Management Consulting Services to grow businesses with their existing team to drive profits! Founded in 2010 by me, Sonia King with a vision to create profitable great places to work.

Services Business Growth Strategy

King Consulting Business Growth:

Our Framework and Five step strategy© for business profit improvement! Using Human Resources Management (HRM), Applied Positive Psychology (APP), Business Analysis and development methods the steps are 

  1. Define Culture
  2. Align all the Team to it
  3. Managed by it
  4. Hire Into it
  5. Continuous improvement

Our complete business growth strategy can be delivered as a full project or in part depending on your business situation.

 We also offer HR Consulting Services depending on what your business needs.

Services Trouble shooting

Trouble Shooting:

You can contact us to discuss specific issues your business is experiencing in terms of profit and performance or any human resources issues!

It could be one, some or all of the issues below:

  1. A disengaged team or team member
  2. Difficulty hiring the right team members
  3. Lack of market penetration
  4. Limited budget
  5. Clarity of vision
  6. HR products and services required to comply with the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards
  7. Disciplining and or performance management of employees
  8. Independent consulting on employee matters and HR Management

There are many other areas that could be impacting your business performance. One of the biggest time saps is managing employees and ensuring compliance with the law.

Services Training


We provide training in a number of areas pertaining to:

  1. Business growth
  2. Business Analysis, Development, Performance and improvements
  3. Hiring and Managing a team
  4. Human Resources Management (HRM)
  5. Implementing business strategy
  6. Performance management
  7. Performance reward and recognition programs
  8. Employee Engagement
  9. Reward and Recognition linked to profit and performance
  10. Setting and understanding the right business metrics to improve profit and performance

We can also tailor a training program to suit your business needs.

Discover whole new Growth Strategies and let us help you implement them today

Service Recruitment

Hire Into

Save your precious time and let us hire your next team member for you. We will hire based on your business mission, purpose, vision and values to ensure the best fit to your culture and the existing team.

How it works:

  1. We consult with you on your needs
  2. We write a job advertisement including the skills and personal profile to fit your team
  3. You review the advertisement and ensure you are happy
  4. We place the advert on the preferred platforms to attract the right candidates
  5. We screen the applicants for best fit and provide you with a short list
  6. Together we select a short list of three or so to interview by you
  7. We interview with you and conduct reference checks and make an offer in consultation with you

This is a recruitment or hiring service based on either a time and materials basis or project fee, so there is no, nasty bill shock at the end of the project!

Services Tool Box

The Tool Box

We have a HR Consulting, Business Strategy, Management and Development tool box full of useful things such as:

  1. Business profit and performance strategy
  2. Employee Engagement, Management, Reward and Recognition
  3. Human resources management (HRM), HR Consulting, Recruitment, Products such as policies and procedures, employment terms and conditions or contracts of employment, payroll assist and review for compliance
  4. Risk assessment for work health and safety
  5. Legal Compliance for FWA and NES

And soon to come:

  1. How to video's
  2. Podcasts
  3. Slide Show presentations
  4. Webinars

Watch this space to see what we upload or subscribe to receive FREE resources


What our clients say:

"We engaged King Consulting in May 2015 to assist our business growth. The results have been outstanding! In June 2015 we had our best month on record and have had continuous business revenue growth month on month since, through to June 2016. We are excited to say this is one of our best business growth years to date!" Jim Roustas, Managing Director, Aerobolt

"King Consulting is a true asset to any organisation looking to improve their greatest assets, their (people). Sonia has a very real passion for people and performance, applies her knowledge and wisdom with rapid response, diligence, expertise, respect, grace and integrity. I highly recommend Sonia and her business King Consulting as a trusted adviser to any business wanting to increase performance and enhance their culture all while maintaining compliance with employment law!" Ursula Hufnagl, Managing Director, Chic Management

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