A message to employers and employees dealing with Covid and its knock on effects.

Here is a heartfelt message to both employers and employees dealing with Covid. It is my call for calm, perspective and balance while we get through this incredibly difficult time. Dealing with the Covid Pandemic and its knock on effects to our way of life, our economy and our ability to work and earn a living is difficult for all.

This situation requires us to work together to work out the best approach:

Please be considerate to each other and respectful, this is a very difficult time for us all. Employers and Employees alike, we do not know what the future will look like or how long we will struggle through this pandemic.

Employers and employees dealing with the situation caused by Covid means you may need some extra support:

If you would like assistance in dealing with Covid and its impact on your business please get in touch if you need support to stay compliant with the Fair Work Act. Your employees may be struggling with uncertainty as well may you be.
I am here to help if you need to figure out how you can retain your team. If you want advice on what actions you can legally take at the moment.

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