Covid19 Human Resources Management Actions

COVID19 Human Resources Management

Covid19 Human Resources Management Actions

Covid19 Human Resources Management Actions

Here are seven (7) Quick Human Resources Management Actions you can take right now, to deal with Covid19 and look after your business and employees.

Quick Human Resources Management actions to take one:

Look at each employee’s leave available to them including personal, annual, long service etc and let them know what they have available. Even though each one has a pay slip that should have this information please take a moment to let them know. Many employees will not be keeping on top of their pay slip information, so do not assume they are.

Quick Human Resources Management actions to take two:

Review the Government stimulus package and see if this will be enough for you to sustain and maintain your business with the existing employees. If the answer is no, let them know as soon as possible so they can start to access support to keep their household afloat. The good news is the new start allowance has been increased which will make life a bit less financially stressful.

Quick Human Resources Management actions to take three:

Talk to your employees about their willingness to assist your business to continue to employ them by reducing their wages and/or hours/working part time. Ask them if they have any helpful ideas, they would be willing to consider assisting in keeping them employed.

Quick Human Resources Management actions to take four:

Be kind and supportive of yourself and your team. This is an unprecedented event which we did not foresee unfolding. It is not business as usual in Australia or anywhere now and probably will not be for some time to come. Help each other as much as possible and look for ways to offer support.

Quick Human Resources Management actions to take five:

Look at your business as it is now and start taking action to ensure it can be sustained in the future. If there is a need for meetings, make them virtual. Use technology as much as possible to communicate without having to be physically in the same place. Tools you can use at low cost:

  • Facebook, Facetime
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • GoToMeeting

There are many more tools available and articles about them such as this one by Techradar comprehensive list of both free and purchased tools.

Quick Human Resources Management actions to take six:

Be realistic with yourself and others, the situation we are faced with is not one we have ever experienced in our lifetime. We are all going to have different responses and reactions. Some are going to seem quite bizarre and uncharacteristic. For example, the hording we have seen and the lack of care for others. Some will be downright rude and hostile looking for who to blame, finding ugly images of wet markets such as the one in Wuhan where this virus is purported to have originated.

Quick Human Resources Management actions to take seven:

It is time for us all to be fully present to the reality we face. This is not a scary movie, it is reality. As we move into more drastic measures to reduce the number of infections, from social distancing to lock down we need to keep busy with productive things. Look for alternative ways to deliver your business. Talk to experts in their respective fields to help you, your team and your business through this period. Experts such as accountants, psychologists, counselors, your local member of parliament and of course, your human resources management team. If you do not have a human resources management team in house support is available.

We are offering a free consultation, depending on the complexity of the issue you can contact us with your top concerns and we will do our best to assist you free of charge or at least point you in the right direction to other resources you can use. You can contact us using the contact form on our website, through our Facebook page or via LinkedIn.

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