How can you, just relax when you run a business? You can, if your team share your vision for growth and behave according to the agreed set of values.

To relax about the day to day and focus on business growth rather than working in it every day, have a team that drives the business operations. Make everyone in your team, clear about your business vision, values and purpose. Get everyone aligned to it and measure each person according to achieving it. Soon you will see a shift in energy and focus.

What are the point of Human Resources Management tools and products in your business?

Turn your human resources products into useful tools to manage your business growth through your team. Instead of legal compliance documents, you hope to keep you clear of a Fair Work dispute, turn them into useful management tools.

Do you have a set of company policies and procedures?

Your company ‘code of conduct’, can become a driving behaviour guide. Outline the behaviours required to meet your business values and the overall growth strategy. Does it, or is it just a document that took some time to write up and/or expense that is paid  little attention other than, being given to people when they first join. If you would like help with company policies and procedures check out our services page we have a full suite available and will even guide you on which ones you need.

Make your company policies and procedures into useful guides to grow your business through your team.

Do you have a set of values, a purpose, a mission statement? If you don’t, relax, you can down load, our free guide here. If you have statements such as, “we strive for excellence”, what does that  mean as behaviours. Make the statement meaningful in terms of actions and add that to your company policies and procedures. Have each of the business values as something more meaningful than a bland statements. Take them from vague one word lines to meaningful explanations of behaviours and document them. They become your mantras of: “how we behave around here”. Include your team in creating these mantras. Share your vision with the team and seek their alignment and input.

A vision is not useful to your team if it is not shared and if they don’t agree.

Share your vision and values, make it part of your business mantra, measure and manage everyone according to what the agreed behaviours to demonstrate the values. There is an old saying: “What gets measured, gets managed” and “where focus goes, energy flows”, make sure everyone is clear on what is being measured and where to focus their efforts. You can relax, the team will start to measure their own behaviours. They will assess themselves according to the values and vision and will place their focus on achieving the business goals for growth and behaving according to the company values.

Sit back, relax, and watch your business grow through an aligned team.

If you want your business to grow and your team to behave according to the agreed values, make everyone accountable to delivering them. Use your management tools and processes to align everyone to that end, and watch your business grow. Once a quarter, go through each person’s performance according to the Key Performance Indicators that drive both growth and the company values in their behaviours. Set new performance objectives and listen for ideas to improve the overall business growth. Relax and let your team become your biggest growth drivers. Get the team involved in measuring and managing according to growth, behaving according to the business values and their alignment to the vision. After all, they want to continue being employed and maybe even earn a bonus.

Wishing you all a more relaxed and happily growing business with an aligned team.

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