#Australia on Fire, donate, support, help, learn and change:

#Australia on fire, we love Australia and urge everyone to give generously, during the current crisis of drought and bush-fires from hell. As we have all seen and heard everywhere, we look our country is in a diabolical state with bush fires and drought. There has been a lot of hate, anger, resentment, finger pointing and hostility in the news, on social media and between the media outlets themselves. I for one have opted out of taking any notice of any of that BS. Instead, I have focused on all the wonderful stories of charitable giving, community support, people rallying together to support each other.

As the founder of King Consulting Human Resources Management and Recruitment Consultants I urge everyone to offer support wherever you can. We have donated to the Red Cross, RFS, Drought Appeal, and medical supplies to WIRES for the wounded wildlife. If you cannot donate money, offer your support in other ways.

Contacts for donations:

Red Cross

Rural Fire Service

The Salvation Army

Port Macquarie Animal Hospital


If you do not have money to donate you can donate food and other items through GIVIT

There are other options for donating as well such as volunteering your time, your vehicle, your home and checking in to see if you have anything available that is needed. The Rescue Collective have lists of items needed.

Other ways you can support and encourage:

Be kind to each other, everyone is feeling discouraged and fearful in every community in some way, so just be kind. If you do not have funds to donate, you can donate, food, clothing, sheets, blankets, and medical supplies. Share stories on social media to support the actions of others who are providing support such as the ones listed above. Support is also being provided by our own Government as well as the Defence Force who are providing support such as in evacuations. All the volunteers providing support and aid on the ground.

Watch out for stories of acts of kindness and share those wherever you can. We need to lift each other up and keep up the efforts to get through this crisis. There are so many wonderful stories of people going to great lengths to support, donate and act.

Here are a few of the stories of kindness being reported by various media outlets around the world:

  1. Muslims donate 36000 bottles of water
  2. Celeste Barber, Pink, Ash Barty and non-celebrity, every day people have given generously
  3. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces $2 billion bushfire recovery fund to support rebuilding efforts

Of course, there are always despicable idiots who will try to scam others so be careful to check the credentials of any one presenting to be collecting for a charity. Read the warning placed by Scam Watch.

#Australia on Fire with compassion and action:

We can act with compassion and stop looking for someone to blame. Focus on what you can do, what we each can do as grown up people capable of looking after ourselves and each other and the country and planet. Learn about what you can do to make a difference now and in the future in terms of water use, waste, and environmental impact. Wherever possible chose an environmentally friendly option. Change your plumbing so your wastewater goes on the garden, chose your electricity provider and appliances based on their green energy rating. Eat less meat and grow your own vegetables wherever possible.

Check out some of these great tips:

Top 10 things you can do about climate change

Ten simple ways you can act on climate change

How to act on climate change form the comfort of your own home

#Australia on Fire is a time for change

We can all learn and act rather than being afraid and blaming. In the words of someone I recently had a conversation with about the bush-fire and drought crisis in Australia, he said: “I didn’t cause it”, no but you can help prevent more of it. Learn about what we can each do differently, act on the knowledge that we can each make a difference. Stop whining about big business, government and things beyond your control. Take control of what you can and act on it.

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