About King Consulting

King Consulting is a hybrid Business Consulting Company providing HR and Management Consulting Services to grow businesses with their existing team to drive profits! Founded in 2010 by me, Sonia King with a vision to create more great places to work.

“In 2010, I decided to start my own business, to use all of my skills, education and knowledge in business to help other businesses become more profitable and great places to work. I spent most of my career growing my employer's business and managing their teams. I made a few mistakes along the way too! I found the most effective way to grow any business was to have an aligned team sharing a vision and working together.

I believe in making things as simple and easy as possible. We all have to comply with the law or risk major fines and negative publicity. Why not turn the Human Resources Management tools, that are required to comply with work place law, into part of a strategy to achieve a business vision and drive profits. 

I have a vision that every business can be a great place to work and profitable!

I developed a framework with a five-step process to create a business profit strategy. Using Human Resources Management HRM tools, applied positive psychology APP, other business development tools and techniques we drive profits together with the owners and their team. It all starts with setting the foundation with the right culture aligned to profit. It can be implemented in any business and embraces the whole team in sharing the journey.

We have successfully implemented this strategy in multiple businesses of various industries and sizes with results of on average 40 to 50 % growth in profits. Best of all we have happy, aligned teams all working together to achieve these results!”

Our Mission: “To make every business profitable and be a great place to work!”

About Sonia King

Sonia King



"Your team can be your greatest assets or greatest liabilities. Let's empower your team to drive profits to grow your business!"

”King Consulting helped our business revenue grow by 43% every month since we engaged their services in May 2015! We are now expanding our team and territories!"