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King Consulting is a Human Resources Management & Recruitment Consultancy Specialising in supporting your business to drive profits with your team! Founded in 2010 by, Sonia King with a vision to create profitable, great places to work.

Human Resources Management Consulting

Outsourced Human Resources Management (HRM) Services


King Consulting are specialist Human Resources Management (HRM) Consultants in Sydney. We support your business by providing human resources consulting with a focus on driving profits with the existing team! You can choose from a wide range of service offerings from ad hoc to full outsourced human resources management consulting.

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As qualified Trainer and Assessors with the latest update to TAEASS502, we can design and provide training to suit your business needs some of the areas we have covered are as follows:

  1. Business development. Sales and marketing
  2. Business Analysis, Development, Performance and improvements
  3. Hiring, Leading and Managing teams
  4. Human Resources Management (HRM)
  5. Leadership and Management across multiple areas
  6. Performance management
  7. Reward and recognition programs linked to profit and performance
  8. Employee Engagement
  9. Creating Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound (SMART) Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  10. Developing and Using Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


Our Recruitment Consulting Difference:

Hiring (Recruiting) new employees is a time-consuming process. So, save your precious time and let us hire your next team member for you. We will hire based on your unique business and values to ensure we find the best fit to your culture and the existing team. Our expertise in the hiring (recruitment) industry spans over ten years, plus five in executive search.

We act as your business partner in the hiring process and look for the best fit candidate for your business. Our model, in contrast to the recruitment agency one, is that we focus on your business finding the best candidate to meet your needs now and in the future. Further, we agree to a project fee up front rather than charge you a percentage of the applicants’ total earnings per annum. Thereby, saving you time and money in the process.

During the employment relationship we keep in contact with both you and the person we placed with your business. Consequently, we are in a great position to mediate any issues before they become significant. While also learning more about your business in the process so we can add further value down the track.

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Mediation and Troubleshooting

Our Mediation Services:

If your business is having any issues with existing employee/s you can rely on our mediation services to resolve the matter amicably. We have a team of experts in related areas we can call on should the issue be outside our expertise.

A mediation early on can often resolve a matter before it ends up in a messy and protracted legal issue. Our motto is: “if in doubt, don’t act without seeking professional guidance first”.

We have worked on numerous cases which we resolved quickly particularly when we were involved in the process to mediate early. These matters did not require any legal interventions and prevented many from going to the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Other cases where we involved in the process late, we have minimised the impact by providing impartial and independent intervention with documented evidence to support the business and owner in a Fair Work Matter. Consequently, resulting in minimal time and cost to finalise the issue.

Time is of the essence:

The founder of King Consulting HR&R, Sonia King, has found her degree in psychology and years of experience in dealing with people in business has enabled her to quickly assess situations. Therefore, she has been able to provide a swift solution to our clients. It is this knowledge and experience; which has enabled us to prevent/or reduce the severity of the issue.

However, in most instances the sooner we mediate the quicker we can come to an amicable resolution with minimum time and cost to the business. Often there are other matters that need to form part of an investigation rather than simply looking at what appears on the surface. One such a case occurred early on in Sonia’s journey with her starting King Consulting HR&R as a business.

The Case

The client was a high-profile celebrity management company. The client company hired Sonia to investigate, and resolve ‘an apparent’ (surface) issue of a Senior Manager and a key celebrity manager who were not getting along. The long story short is that after only a few meetings Sonia was able to identify that the Senior Manager appeared to have a communication problem. She also demonstrated some unsettling behaviours.

Sonia suggested that the owners of the business and Directors do some further investigation with clients about their experience with the manager in question. She guided them on how to ask questions without leading or alerting to any issue with the manager. During the process of investigation, we discovered that, the manager in question had been communicating and behaving in a manner any reasonable person would consider bullying.

Consequently, the business had lost clients who had gone elsewhere to avoid dealing with that manager. They had also lost major accounts who had gone elsewhere to avoid dealing with that person.

Therefore, we advise you to act quickly on any employee issue regardless of seniority of the person in the business before matters get worse. Contact us now to discuss any issues with your team before they get worse.


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