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King Consulting is a Human Resources Management & Recruitment Consultancy Specialising in supporting your business to drive profits with your team! Founded in 2010 by, Sonia King with a vision to create profitable, great places to work.

Human Resources

Outsourced Human Resources Management (HRM) Services


King Consulting are specialist Human Resources Management (HRM) Consultants in Sydney. We support your business by providing human resources consulting with a focus on driving profits with the existing team! You can choose from a wide range of service offerings from ad hoc to full outsourced human resources management consulting.



As HR Consultants in Sydney with management expertise, we support your business to drive profits through your employees. The tools we use are from Human Resources Management (HRM), Applied positive psychology (APP) and Management Consulting. This suite of skills and tools enables us to support your business to drive profits through your existing team rather than just complying with employment law and completing paper work.



There are several options you can choose from to fit within your business needs, your budget and the size of your business as follows:



Outsourced Human Resources Management service acting as your Human Resources Management Department for your business from soup to nuts as follows:



King Consulting HR Five Step Sequence© to becoming a great place to work and profitable business:



  • Create the right Culture linked to profit
  • Align the Team to the Culture
  • Manage by the Culture
  • Hire into the Culture
  • Continuously Improve
human resources management

Alternatively, you can choose from any of the following:



  • Parts of the above on a project by project basis
  • One off special project
  • Troubleshooting employee issues
  • Recruitment, Selection and On-boarding Service
  • Mediating issues with employee/s
    • performance management
    • exit interview
    • retraining
    • grievance handling
    • negotiation
    • counselling
    • bullying and harassment
    • stress management and mental health
    • position description clarification and mediation to focus on profitability


These are just a few of the many human resources management (HR) services we offer.



Read the article about Culture as the foundation for success here. Find out about the way we support businesses by reading our blog posts.



We provide training in several areas as follows:



  1. Business growth
  2. Business Analysis, Development, Performance and improvements
  3. Hiring and Managing a team
  4. Human Resources Management (HRM)
  5. Implementing business strategy
  6. Performance management
  7. Performance reward and recognition programs
  8. Employee Engagement
  9. Reward and Recognition linked to profit and performance
  10. Setting and understanding the right business metrics to improve profit and performance


We can also tailor a training program to suit your business needs.


Save your precious time and let us hire your next team member for you. We will hire based on your unique business and values to ensure we find the best fit to your culture and the existing team. Our expertise in the hiring (recruitment) industry spans over ten years, plus five in executive search.



We act as your business partner in the hiring process and look for the best fit candidate for your business. Our model, in contrast to the recruitment agency one, is that we focus on your business finding the best candidate to meet your needs now and in the future.



Long term, lasting relationships with our clients is what we thrive on, including with our candidates. Therefore, our approach is totally different, we have high standards of professionalism to ensure we build lasting relationships.



We partner with your business for the long term, so we learn more about your business to find you the best staff. As Human Resources Consultants, we are not a typical recruitment agency.


Recruitment Agencies by contrast



Recruitment Agencies typically charge 10-15% of the total salary including super to hire staff for you. Therefore, to use a typical recruitment agency example for hiring, for average salaries between $50 and $80k, you are looking at a recruitment fee between $5 and $12k plus per hire.



Further, typically recruitment agents are quite inexperienced (junior) and very sales focused. The recruitment agency model requires that their agents focus on the largest placement fee. If their agents are not making significant placements every quarter, the agent you last dealt with may not be around in the next quarter. Hence, the continual change of recruitment agents, so building a relationship with one person is difficult to achieve.



Alternatively, using our recruitment services means we deliver results at a fraction of the cost of a typical standalone recruitment agency. We offer a complete hiring solution not just recruitment.



Our services include employment contract terms and conditions at a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer. Any of the many other human resources management products and tools you need in business are also available through our service. Consequently, we can provide your business with a complete human resources management service as well as recruitment.



If there are any issues, problems or troubleshooting required we handle it all for you to meet a positive conclusion. You can see why our clients typically work with us for many years. They either choose our Recruitment or Human Resources Management Consulting or a combination of both.

mediation and troubleshooting

Mediation and Troubleshooting

You can contact us to discuss specific issues your business is experiencing in terms of profit and performance or any human resources issues.



It could be one, some or all the issues below:



  1. A disengaged team or team member
  2. Difficulty hiring the right team members
  3. Lack of market penetration
  4. Limited budget
  5. Clarity of vision
  6. HR products and services required to comply with the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards
  7. Disciplining and or performance management of employees
  8. Independent consulting on employee matters and HR Management


There are many other areas that could be impacting your business performance. One of the biggest time saps is managing employees and ensuring compliance with the law.


People placed through recruitment


Happy Customers


Business Leaders Coached and/or placed


Mediation & Troubleshooting successful outcome engagements